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Flood Disrupts Lagos-Badagry Expressway, Leaving Passengers and Motorists Stranded

by Quicktell News

Hundreds of commuters and motorists found themselves stranded on Saturday as a heavy morning downpour wreaked havoc on the Lagos-Badagry Expressway, particularly affecting the trade fair and Abule-Ado axis.

The torrential rainfall, which began at 5:00 a.m. and persisted for hours, resulted in significant flooding, obstructing the smooth flow of traffic along this vital transportation route.

Passengers and motorists alike were forced to disembark from commercial vehicles and resort to walking due to the impassable road conditions. In response to the situation, many affected individuals are calling upon the Lagos State Government to take immediate action to prevent future flooding incidents by clearing the drainage system.

Ibironke Adegboyega, a trader in Ebute-Aro, Lagos Island, shared her frustration, stating that the flood had hindered her from opening her shop. She highlighted the issue of blocked drainage, which exacerbated the flooding. “The flood has completely blocked the expressway; some vehicles that tried to access the road had been trapped in the flood,” she lamented. “Lagos government should wake up to its responsibility and clear the drainage; they should also warn the traders against indiscriminate dumping of refuse. I have to go back home now because it is dangerous to force your way in there due to the flood.”

Toyosi Stephen, a passenger, attributed the expressway blockage to the construction of the road by the contractor. “One will see that from Abule-Ado down to the Trade Fair axis is very sloppy, making water gather under the bridge,” he explained. “This also applies to when you are coming from Barracks down to Trade Fair, so the water coming from Abule-Ado and Barracks will gather at Trade Fair and block the movement of vehicles and passengers. The government should work on this and also ensure the clearing of drainage around this place all the time.”

While some remained hopeful that the floodwaters would recede once the rain stopped, others like Mutiu Suru, a bus conductor, urged patience among the stranded commuters. “The rain is heavy, that’s why the flood blocked the road, but I can tell you that in an hour’s time, vehicles will start going. All we need to do is to exercise patience and relax in our vehicles,” he reassured.

Beyond the Lagos-Badagry Expressway, the floods also wreaked havoc on various communities in Badagry, including Mowo, Ikoga, Ansarudeen, Ajara-Vetho, Aghelaso, and Zogakome areas.

As residents and authorities grapple with the aftermath of the downpour, the importance of proactive measures to mitigate flooding and ensure the safety of both commuters and residents along this critical route remains paramount.

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