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Former Gabonese President’s Son Detained with Large Sum of Money Amidst Military Coup


Noureddin Valentin Bongo, the eldest son of the ousted President of Gabon, Ali Bongo, has been apprehended at his private residence with a substantial amount of cash. This development comes as Gabon grapples with a military coup that has sent shockwaves across the nation.

Noureddin Valentin Bongo, who also served as the coordinator of presidential affairs, a position wielding significant influence over key sectors including administration, security, and defense, was taken into custody immediately by military personnel. The arrest has been made pending a forthcoming investigation into the nation’s financial affairs.

Gabon, a West African country, has been ruled by the Bongo family for a staggering total of 56 years, with Omar Bongo, the father of Noureddin Valentin Bongo, reigning as President for 42 years. This prolonged dynastic rule ultimately culminated in the recent coup, igniting widespread outrage and discussion on various online platforms.

In a further revelation, military officers claim to have uncovered suitcases and bags brimming with an assortment of currencies at the family residence of Ali Bongo. This discovery transpired shortly after the military assumed control following Bongo’s controversial re-election, marking his 14th year in power, and placing him under house arrest.

The stockpiles of currency, consisting of CFA francs, dollars, and Euros, were reportedly found within the house of Yann Ngulu, who serves as the Chief of Staff to Nourredine Bongo, the eldest son of the deposed President, Ali Bongo. A viral video circulating online displays the money-laden bags and suitcases, shedding light on the extent of the financial resources at play.

The situation in Gabon remains fluid, with international observers closely monitoring developments in this evolving crisis. As investigations unfold, the nation is left grappling with the implications of the coup and the potential ramifications for its political landscape.

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