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Mixed Reactions on Social Media as New Picture of Former Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari Emerges

by Quicktell News

In a recent turn of events, a photograph of the immediate past President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, has stirred up a flurry of mixed reactions on various social media platforms, with Twitter being the primary stage for the outpouring of opinions.

The photograph, shared by Bashir Ahmad, a former aide to the ex-president, on Thursday, depicts a new portrait of Buhari. Accompanying the image was a simple caption that read, “Baba.”

Following the photograph’s circulation, Nigerians flocked to the comment section, expressing a range of sentiments and viewpoints.

One Twitter user, @Redfairylee, shared their nostalgia, stating, “I don miss Bubu,” while @Intrepid_RN extended their regards, expressing the sentiment of many Nigerians: “My regards to Baba. Please tell him that on behalf of Nigerians, we missed him already. He left naira at a bad state of £940 from about £350 over 8 years. Tinubu took it to £1195 in less than 3 months. This is not what we want.”

@Hamsuf expressed concern over Buhari’s whereabouts, asking, “Hope baba is out of Niger,” likely referring to the political unrest in neighboring Niger Republic.

Several comments revolved around Buhari’s physical appearance. @EzennunuCharles remarked, “SApaaa and Suffer don catch am,” possibly alluding to the challenges the former president might be facing. @ABDUL_MALEEQ007 observed, “Baba Don Dey Lose Weight Oow,” implying a noticeable change in Buhari’s physique. @iambechi90 questioned, “What happened to him? Hope he is feeding well anyway. Looks like he is losing weight.”

Some users speculated about the photograph itself. @Kayloaded1 pondered, “Is it current skin color or camera quality?” prompting discussions on the authenticity of the image.

While some Nigerians expressed their missing sentiment for the former president, others brought humor into the mix. @GuyConsistent quipped, “Baba don dey see shege,” using colloquial language to suggest that Buhari might be facing challenges.

Criticism and reflection were also present in the comments. @ML_Dumbulwa admitted a change of heart: “I hate this Gentleman, but wollhy I started to miss him.” @imrana_y reminisced about the hardships Nigerians endured during Buhari’s tenure, invoking a sense of accountability by stating, “Only God will judge between him and us. He (Allah) does not forget.”

The photograph also led to discussions on Buhari’s political legacy. @Li_kastro playfully referred to him as the “Borrower General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria” and @Chinonu humorously remarked, “Out of office, out of handsomeness!”

In the end, the reactions to the photograph showcase the diverse array of opinions and emotions that the former president, Muhammadu Buhari, still evokes within the Nigerian populace, as they engage in spirited conversations about his legacy, appearance, and impact on the nation.

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