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Tragic Death of Lagos Dr. Diaso Vwaere Linked to Elevator Installed by Uncertified Contractor, Medical Guild Reveals

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In a shocking revelation, the Chairman of the Medical Guild, Dr. Sa’eid Ahmad, disclosed that the tragic death of Dr. Diaso Vwaere, a medical house officer, resulted from the installation of a malfunctioned elevator by an uncertified contractor.

The details emerged during a news conference held on Friday, where Dr. Ahmad provided an update on the ongoing investigation into the circumstances surrounding Dr. Vwaere’s untimely demise.

According to the findings of the investigative panel, the elevator, which led to the fatal incident, had failed to function properly during its unveiling in June 2021. Dr. Ahmad pointed out that the contractor responsible for the installation did not possess the necessary elevator system installation certification, raising serious concerns about the quality and safety of the work.

The contractor attempted to explain the elevator’s failure by attributing it to inadequate power supply from the generator used during the unveiling event. However, it was revealed that regular maintenance of the elevator was critical for its optimum performance, requiring servicing every four weeks.

Dr. Ahmad strongly emphasized that those responsible for the installation, including the contractor and installers, should be held accountable for their negligence. He called for their arrest and subsequent legal action if found culpable in the tragic incident that claimed Dr. Vwaere’s life.

Furthermore, Dr. Ahmad highlighted a series of infrastructural challenges that had plagued the house officers’ quarters of the General Hospital, Odan, Lagos, since its rehabilitation in 2015 to 2016. He urged the state government to take immediate action by installing a new elevator in the building through a certified installer, in addition to ensuring regular maintenance to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Expressing their profound grief over Dr. Vwaere’s passing, Dr. Ahmad emphasized the need to immortalize her memory and offer support to her grieving family. The Medical Guild pledged to pursue the investigation vigorously to ensure that justice is served and accountability is established.

The tragic event at the General Hospital, Odan, Lagos, sparked outrage among Dr. Vwaere’s colleagues, leading to a peaceful protest at the hospital. In solidarity with the grieving medical community, the Nigerian Medical Association directed doctors in the three government hospitals on Lagos Island to embark on an indefinite strike to demand justice for their fallen colleague.

As the investigation continues, the medical community and the public at large are closely monitoring developments, urging swift action to prevent such avoidable accidents and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

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