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Maryam ‘Shetty’ Shettima Withdrawn from Ministerial Nominee List; Replaced by Maigari Mahmud

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In a surprising turn of events, Maryam ‘Shetty’ Shettima, a prominent chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has been removed from President Bola Tinubu’s ministerial nominee list, which was forwarded to the Senate.

The decision has sparked a mix of reactions both on and off social media platforms, with many Nigerians expressing their views on Twitter and other channels.

Maryam Shettima, a well-respected political and social activist, hails from Kano State in the North West geopolitical zone of Nigeria. She holds a distinguished educational background, having completed her BSc in physiotherapy with distinction at the Federal School of Physiotherapy at Bayero University, Kano.

Her pursuit of knowledge led her to the University of East London, Stratford, where she earned a Master’s degree in sports physiotherapy. Her expertise in the field earned her a coveted role in the medical team during the London Olympics, where she worked with elite athletes, including the renowned sprinter Usain Bolt from Jamaica.

Beyond healthcare, Maryam is also passionate about social change and obtained a Kingian Non-Violence Practitioner certificate from Emory University in the United States, inspired by the principles of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Additionally, she furthered her knowledge in public policy by obtaining a certificate in Public Policy Challenges of the 21st Century from the University of Virginia.

Maryam Shettima’s dedication to her country is evident through her work in international development sectors. She made significant contributions to the UKAid-funded program, PATHS 2, and offered her expertise at the Presidential Villa’s State House Clinic and the Child Care and Wellness sector. Notably, she spearheaded the successful rehabilitation of schools in Kano through the impactful #GivingBack initiative, positively impacting countless students.

Her outstanding contributions did not go unnoticed, and she was honored with an Honorary Degree from the ESGT University of Technology, Benin Republic, in recognition of her exceptional leadership and community development efforts.

In the political arena, Maryam Shettima played a crucial role in the APC Presidential Campaign Team during the last election, where she handled various responsibilities, including Field Operations and Strategic Communication for the Youths and Women Presidential Campaign Team. She also played a pivotal role in ensuring a peaceful election Congress in Delta State and was highly valued for her contributions to the Tinubu/Shettima Presidential Campaign Council, where she played a key role in selecting the APC Presidential Candidate.

Maryam’s political influence and dedication to the party have earned her the status of a prominent APC Chieftain. However, despite her impressive credentials and contributions, she was unexpectedly withdrawn from the ministerial nominee list and replaced with Maigari Mahmud, also from Kano State.

The reasons behind her removal from the list remain unclear, fueling various speculations among Nigerians, especially on social media platforms. As the news continues to unfold, citizens are eagerly awaiting official statements from both the presidency and the APC regarding this significant development.

The delisting of Maryam Shettima has undoubtedly left a void in the APC’s ministerial nominee list, and her supporters are expressing their disappointment while others are questioning the decision. The spotlight now turns to Maigari Mahmud, the replacement nominee, as Nigerians anticipate more information about the latest development in the country’s political landscape.

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