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Nigerians React as Fuel Price Soar Higher, Days After Tinubu’s Inauguration

by Yvonne ONUAH

Nigerians react to the escalating fuel price in Nigeria, which is currently selling at 555 Naira per litre, just days after President Bola Tinubu resumed office.

Recall that during Tinubu’s inaugural speech, he made mention that his administration would not continue with the payment of fuel sibsidy.

The price increase has fueled an intense debate among citizens, with many voicing their concerns and frustrations over the sudden rise.

Nigerians express their dissatisfaction on various social media platforms, others are organizing rallies and peaceful protests to call on the government to address the issue and stabilize fuel prices.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Limited on Wednesday pegged the price of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), popularly known as fuel or petrol, at N488 and N555 per litre at the peak.

Nigerian’s reaction on various social media platform:

@emmaikumeh wrote, “2 days into the Tinubu administration, fuel is selling for 540, Nnpc is selling for 537. ???? ???? it’s well ooh.”

@Ol0ye wrote, “I don’t like to speak while I’m angry but have you seen the new NNPC pump price?

“The cost of everything will 3x. Income not going up. Quality of life for millions of people will plummet immediately.

“No counterbalancing policy/actions. Let me focus on breathing.”

@urchilla01 wrote, “If the Buhari administration said subsidy money has been budgeted until June abi July, why did NNPC increase their pump price?”

@Eloka51 wrote, “NNPC wey don collect money till June dey adjust price too? Will they return the money????”

@Allezamani wrote, “Why is NNPC selling above pump price? I thought some people claimed it were the petroleum marketers that chose to sell at exorbitant rates?”

@Alapee1 wrote, “NNPC to sell fuel for as high as #557? The prices of things would be as high as 3x-5x.

“If Obi had done something like this obidient would be the first to drag him, but we know our Peter Obi has living brain cells not to put Nigerians in hardship.”

@wemimospot wrote, “Petrol subsidy is gone. NNPC says FG owes it N2.8tn that it used to pay for subsidy.

“Fuel price would reach N500 to 600 naira per litre.

“Standard of living will drop because folks will spend more on transportation without commensurate increase in salaries. Food prices nko?”

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