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I Am Motivated To Join Presidential Race To Unify Nigeria – Yahaya Bello

by Yvonne ONUAH

The Governor of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello, has said he is motivated to contest for the presidency and assume the leadership of Nigeria in other to unify the country, which according to him has been bastardized by the Nigerian political elites.

The Governor, added that the unity of the country is core to its stability and progress as a nation, stressing that “Am not running on ethnic or religious sentiments but as a unifier. The situation in the country today needs someone who can unify our nation. This sentiments of religion and ethnicity or zone is elitist, so long as we continue to condone these various sentiments Nigeria’s problems will not be solved.”

The All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential aspirant said he strongly believes that, ” It is high time we deemphasized these sentiments, kill and bury them, if we don’t do this and we continue to condone ethnic and religious sentiments, and use the heads of common Nigerians, using their psyche and working on their sentiments to still believe that it is turn by turn, Muslim today Christian tomorrow, northern today southern tomorrow, this tribe today, this tribe tomorrow. The immediate problem that the common Nigerians are facing will continue to be there and even continue to expand and eventually consume all of us including those using the sentiments for their selfish reasons.”

“What we should be emphasizing on is who will come to solve Nigeria’s problems, I continued to say I am the person that will solve them. I belong to the current generation and I have their backing and I feel their pulse” he said.

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